On 31 October 2011, Swan obtained the official certification, “100% Made in Italy”, awarded to those enterprises whose authentic and original Italian production has been certified.  The ITPI, Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers, has in fact acknowledged such solid Company values as style, design, accurate craftsmanship, technical manufacturing know-how and product quality,  thus attesting to the production of collections totally, conceived, manufactured and assembled in Italy.

Thanks to the Company’s all-Italian production and the creation of exclusive models and projects, the adoption of typical and traditional Italian manufacturing processes, the use of semi-processed goods produced exclusively in Italy, the use of prime quality raw materials and components and the creation of products that wholly conform to the safety norms in force, Swan fully satisfies the requisites carefully assessed by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers, ITPI, for certification purposes.

This entitles the company to display the certification trademark and the 100% Made in Italy guarantee on all of its furnishing elements with a product identification serial number. The “100% Made in Italy Certificate” is now widely recognized in Italy but, above all, on international markets, and contributes to fully revaluing Italian industrial and artisanal production, which has often led our products to excel in trade competition worldwide.

With the intent of promoting the tangible application of those principles and values intrinsic in its products Swan believes in the importance of communicating the added value of the Made in Italy cachet, testifying to the Italian style on overseas markets. A long-standing mark of prestige that has always distinguished us worldwide, effectively enhancing our technical skills and manufacturing quality, combined with the artistic flair, creativity and inventiveness so typical of Italian people.